Newest 2024 Expanded Detection Range Solar Animal Repeller – Animal Repellent Outdoor Motion Activated by 2 Newest Sensors, Wider Range of 220 Degree, Stronger LED Lights and 2 Alarms, USB Cable

NEW AND UPGRADED FEATURES – Newest animal repellent motion activated by 2 sensors for a wider detection range of 220 degrees (no longer a simple 1 sensor for 110 degrees). The 2 motion sensors are activated by animals and activate the strongest flashing LED lights and emit a high-frequency sound, which makes animals uncomfortable and keep them away from your area. Newest 360 degrees 2 adjustable volume alarms (no more 1 fixed loud volume alarm).

VERY EASY TO USE – Read the instruction manual and keep it; charge the device under the sun or with the USB cable prior to first usage, select the correct sensitivity, select your desired mode, insert the repellent in the ground or mount it against the wall. Install the device in a place with sufficient sunlight during the day. For even better effects 2 sensors distance, 2 adjustable alarms, stronger flashing LED lights and an USB charging cable have been added.

NEWEST MODEL INCLUDING USB CHARGING CABLE – Do you have problems with cats, dogs, raccoons, deer, skunks, fox, birds and other unwanted animals on your patio, yard or farm? Are they eating your fruits, vegetables or flowers? Our latest and most updated ultrasonic pest repellant outdoor is the solution to your problem because it completely removes unwanted animals by emitting a powerful ultrasonic sound, strongest flashing LED lights, infrared lights and alarm. No batteries needed.

NEWEST FEATURES FOR ENVIRONMENT– Safe for children, pets and environment. Featuring 5 modes operation, 2 sensors distance and 2 alarms (not the usual 1 sensor and 1 alarm) and high-power LED lights burst flashes. Only repels animals without any chemicals or harms, a humane way to chase away animals. USB cable in case of cloudy days or indoor use. Waterproof (normal rain).

SOLAR POWERED AND WATERPROOF – Working on highly efficient solar battery collecting sun power for operation also at night or cloudy rainy day, this waterproof ultrasonic animal repeller is built up with the highest quality materials to the highest quality standards you should expect. With a solar panel on top of the device, it can be charged by solar energy – an USB charging cable is added in case of cloudy days or indoor use. Perfect for yard, vegetable garden, food service, garden and patio.


Do you have problems with cats, dogs, raccoons, deer, skunks, birds and other unwanted animals on your garden, food service, patio, vegetable garden, yard or farm? Are you tired of repellers not working or not as effectively as desired? We have the solution.

Our newest model upgraded animal repellent ultrasonic outdoor is the solution to your problem. Our animal deterrent device outdoor scares the unwanted animals making them flee the area; THIS is what you need to free your yard up of unwanted animals.

By using a strong ultrasonic wave, a stronger flashing LED lights and 2 adjustable alarms it safely and effectively protect your lawn from unwanted animals.


Our repeller covers 220 degrees detection range versus the 110 degrees of other repellers because of 2 detection sensors, with 2 alarms covering 360 degrees range 

Ours has 2 alarms and a stronger flashing LED light

Uses solar energy, safe for children, pets and environment

No more unwanted animals


Uses solar energy

Wireless and convenient for using

No additional batteries needed

USB cable if not enough sun or for an indoor use

Adjustable 5 ultrasonic waves

Adjustable 2motion sensors

Wider detection range of 220 degrees

Adjustable 2 alarm at 360 degrees

Wider alarm range of 360 degrees

Stronger flashing LED lights

Waterproof (normal rain)

Very small and light; 5.1 x 4.2 x 5.3 inches – 12 ounces

Easy to install


Solar panel

Infrared lights

LED light

2 motion detectors

2 adjustable alarms

PIR Sensors (motion detectors): 26 feet each

Adjustable frequencies based on the type of animal

Easy to read instruction manual

USB cable included for free

Material: ABS plastic

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